QuickBooks Guide: Adding Vendors


Quickbooks uses the vendor list to store information about the people and companies you by goods and services from to run your business.  For example, this list could include the phone company, your office supplies vendor, and your tax board.  You can add new vendors at any time.



To add a vendor, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Vendor Center (see image of pop-up window above) icon at the top of the Quickbooks Home page.
  2. Click New Vendor.
  3. On the Address Info tab, enter all the data that you have about the vendor, including their name, address, and additional contact information.
  4. If you owe this vendor money as of your company’s start date, enter the amount in the Opening Balance field.
  5. Click the Additional Info tab and complete the form.
  6. If you want to add additional fields to the form, click Define Fields to customize the form.
  7. Click OK or click Next if you want to enter another vendor.


Quick Tips


  • Typing in customer data for hundreds of vendors can be a tedious task. If you use Microsoft Outlook, you can import your existing vendor information into Quickbooks instead of entering it manually.  Refer to the Quickbooks in-product Help for instructions on how to prepare your vendor data file for importing into QuickBooks.


  • You can also add vendors as you perform routine transactions. For example, if you enter the name of a new vendor when paying a bill, Quickbooks will prompt you to enter information about this vendor.  You can choose from two (2) quick setup options, as follows:
  • Quick Add – Adds just the name to the list.  You must add the details later.
  • Set Up – Enables you to enter additional information (such as a phone number, fax number, and alternate contact) to the list you choose.


Key Terms

Vendors – are any businesses or people from whom you buy or rent goods or services for your business – office supplies, telephone or computer services, or products that you sell.  The tax agencies that you pay are also your vendors.  Nearly everyone you pay (other than employees) are vendors.


Did You Know?

Adding Multiple Vendors at once – If you need to add several vendors to your Quickbooks company file, consider using the Add/edit multiple list entries feature.  For more information, refer to the in-product Help.

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