2016 Post Tax Season Marketing Strategies

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In response to my practice’s weak online presence (identified during preparation of the comprehensive marketing plan), I decided to utilize a business blog as the centerpiece of Wright Accounting & Consulting, L.L.C.’s online marketing efforts.

On February 5, 2016, I completed the initial marketing plan for my blog (the Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs Blog), and this process aided me in laying out the vision for my blog and its overall purpose. Specifically, my marketing plan documented the following aspects:

  • Goals/Objectives of Blog,
  • Target Market/Audience of Blog,
  • Analysis/Assessment of Local Competitors Use of Blogs & Blogging,
  • Promotion Strategies (Pre-Launch & Post-Launch), and
  • Features & Functionality of Blog

Over the next eight and one-half months (April 18 – December 31, 2016), I have identified six (6) primary strategies for growing blog traffic. In addition, I have listed six (6) quantitative goals/objectives that should be measured against current statistics at present day (April 12, 2016). These goals, along with the strategies, are documented below.


Six (6) Strategies for Growing Blog Traffic (High-Level Overview)

  1. Complete conversion to WordPress.org,
  2. Continue to grow social media network on the numerous platforms currently utilized (i.e., Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, & Twitter),
  3. Have 4 – 6 posts published to BIZ Magazine (both print and electronic mediums),
  4. Have 3 – 4 posts published to other sites (in my capacity as a guest blogger),
  5. Create/Publish three (3) pieces of incentive content for promoting subscription signup and create/add custom signup forms for each (via Mailchimp), and
  6. Actively participate in 2 – 3 groups on LinkedIn


Example Design Layout

Goals/Objectives from Blog Traffic Growth Strategies (High-Level Overview)

  1. Increase (Unique) visitors/users,
  2. Increase total page views,
  3. Increase average page views per visitor/user,
  4. Increase e-mail subscriptions,
  5. Increase comments/engagement with visitors/users, and
  6. Increase social media network, including the following:
    1. Twitter “followers”,
    2. Facebook “Likes”, &
    3. LinkedIn “Connections”


Subscription Signup Forms Required (produced via Mailchimp)

  1. Subscriber Popup Form,
  2. Post Subscription (Embedded) Form @ end of each blog post,
  3. Sidebar Subscription (Embedded) Widget


Specific Goals from Blog Traffic Growth Strategies (Detail-Level)

I have identified the following goals for the time period: April 19, 2016 through December 31, 2016,

  1. Amount of New Posts: 65 – 75
  2. Amount of Page Views: 650 – 750
  3. Average Views/Visitor: 90 – 110
  4. Amount of Unique Visitors: 450 – 500


Current Statistics as of April 12, 2016 (present day)

  • Total Post Count: 85
  • Total Page Views*: 2,253
  • Average Views/Visitor^: 70.4
  • Unique Visitors/Users: 196*

Comprised of the following:           

WordPress.com               269             Views                          2,253

Average Weekly Views = 70.4

Weeks (estimate)             32

^Calculated as follows:

            Subtotal                     2,253

            Blogger                        1,984



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