My Impression of Adrian Perkins

While I haven’t attended many campaign fundraisers in my time, I don’t recall ever leaving one feeling more optimistic about the future and the future of my community.  That all changed, however, following a recent event held in support of mayoral candidate, Adrian Perkins.

I was not only impressed with Adrian’s background, accomplishments and leadership experience, but I was even more encouraged by his overall vision for creating a better Shreveport – which included an economic plan with clear objectives, a prominent network that he is willing to leverage for the benefit of our city, surrounding himself with talented people, and implementing strategies proven effective in other municipalities.

In my humble opinion, Adrian Perkins is the ideal candidate to lead Shreveport into the future, and I sincerely hope he is elected into office on December 8th.

You can learn more about Mr. Perkins at his website, here.

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