Office for Lease at 7330 Fern Avenue

A 132 square foot office is for lease at the Fern Avenue Office Center (7330 Fern Avenue, Suite 601) in Shreveport, Louisiana. Office furnishings are available, and kitchenette, copy machine and utilities are included. Below is an overview of the office floorplan, and the office for lease are highlighted in red. Contact Dillon Wright at […]

King of the Cowboys: The Life & Times of Jerry Jones (Holbrook, MA: Adams Media Corporation, 1995)

The inside story of the larger-than-life owner of the Dallas Cowboys, America’s Team. Based on interviews with Jones and his friends, colleagues, and competitiors, this book profiles Jones’ hardscrabble upbringing, the millions he has made, his purchase of the Cowboys, his firing of Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson, and his hiring of Barry Switzer.


I provide a range of accounting, consulting, and tax services to individuals and businesses.  Below is a broad overview of my services offerings.  (For additional information about the individual services of each primary, select the link below or at Related Links sidebar following).

Accounting Services – involve recording, reporting, and analyzing financial transactions of a business or individual.  I help individuals and businesses with recordkeeping by recording cash receipts and disbursements, reconciling bank statements, capitalizing fixed assets, posting annual depreciation, and performing the year-end close.  In addition, I process payroll, remit payroll taxes and prepare payroll tax returns for business owners.  Lastly, I compile financial statements for individuals and businesses to help them obtain funding for the purchase of a home, meet debt covenants, and manage their businesses more effectively.

Consulting Services – vary widely based on unique needs of individual clients, but the most common engagements include transaction analysis, QuickBooks support, business formation, and employee training.  For example, I assist entrepreneurs with training staff to perform month-end close procedures, and I provide recurring support to help them best use QuickBooks for carrying out this function.

Tax Services – include preparing returns for filing with governmental agencies, as well as, planning for the future to minimize tax liabilities.  I also help clients resolve tax problems arising from delinquencies, examinations, and levies.

The Radical CPA: New Rules for the Future-Ready Firm (East Hampton, NY: CPA Trendlines, 2014)

There are four characteristics of a “radical” CPA:
— 1. Their approach to technology.
— 2. Their use of social media.
— 3. Their understanding the relationship between pricing and value.
— 4. And their conviction that customer experience must drive a firm’s internal processes.

They Call Them The ‘Radical’ Practitioners

There’s an uprising of innovative CPAs in the accounting profession. This group created a new support community that is no longer driven by the establishment. The establishment can’t control the conversation.

In fact, they almost missed it. Now they endorse and support us. But it didn’t begin with them.

When Jody Padar first started doing this, she wasn’t aware of anyone doing what she was doing. Then she went to Twitter. That’s where she really met her peers. They were learning from each other from day one and that same community of support is still happening today.

A “radical” practitioner is a person that calls upon himself and others to redefine their firms and their lives by moving away from the traditional firm business model.

The term radical applies because what they are doing to their firms and indirectly to the profession is fundamental to its core. It’s abrupt, disruptive, unexpected, and far reaching. They are shaking up the status quo. They are changing because their customers and the world are changing around us all. Some might also perceive radical to be a negative term. It’s not. The movement is more likely following the happy expression, “that’s radical, dude.” Everyone can learn and join the movement.

The Radical CPA Community Is Here To Help You Be Radical, Too

The best part about these radical professionals is that we believe in abundance. We promote and celebrate a new way of doing business and encourage the rest of the profession to move forward and change as a whole.

Wright Accounting & Consulting, L.L.C.

We are a public accounting firm in Shreveport, Louisiana, and we provide accounting, consulting, and tax planning services to business owners and professionals with ties to the Shreveport-Bossier community.

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Drawing from my experiences in public accounting over the previous decade, I write on small business topics that include accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, investing, marketing, and taxation.  Check it out for yourself at the link below.

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Consulting Services

Transaction Analysis.  I provide guidance to business owners and their staff on accounting and tax consequences arising from recurring and non-recurring transactions.

QuickBooks Support.  Reliable financial information is essential for operating a business, and modern technology has resulted in the use of software to maintain and store this data.  QuickBooks is a user-friendly product that can be utilized on most operating systems, and it can assist in maintaining your company’s financial information.  I am an experienced user of QuickBooks, and I provide consultation and support to business owners and service providers using this application.

Business Formation.  Starting a business can be the beginning of a lifelong adventure, but forming a company can be an intimidating process.  It is important to give proper thought and consideration to the legal form and initial structure of the entity you will operate.  I offer insight into a number of aspects applicable to starting a new business, and I provide guidance on selecting a form that meets your needs.

Employee Training.  The people working for your business are valuable resources, and they have the potential to make or break its future.  I assist business owners with training accounting staff to meet the needs of their organization.