Using a Blog to Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Online Strategies for CPAs & Professional Service Providers

In May 2015, I completed the initial marketing plan for my CPA practice, Wright Accounting & Consulting, L.L.C. (WAC).  This marked my first attempt at combining industry knowledge with realistic expectations for the purpose of documenting a formal plan.  While the result was far from perfect, the process undoubtedly helped me to align strategic initiatives with […]

Michael Hyatt – Author, Blogger, Entrepreneur, & Virtual Mentor

Thanks to Kelsey Humphreys’ article on, Multimedia Maven Michael Hyatt Explains His Success Several Platforms, I recently began learning about Mr. Hyatt, his advancement in the corporate world, and ultimately, his seamless transition into the entrepreneurial realm. Michael Hyatt’s story is every bit motivational as it is educational, and he shares a treasure trove of knowledge […]