Cash Flow Management

Best Practices for Small Business

Cash flow is the lifeblood of enterprise, and effective cash flow management is essential to the survival of businesses, big and small.  For small (and young) businesses, in particular,  the importance of cash flow is amplified by there finite resources and limited access to capital.  As such, small business founders are frequently forced to finance a […]

On Your Own

Surviving & Thriving in Self-Employment

Much is made of spurning a day job in favor of stepping out on your own to setup shop.  Launching a startup is glamorized by society, and aspiring-entrepreneurs entering any field even remotely related to technology are lauded (at least in their own minds) as the next Mark Zuckerberg.  The anointing of oneself as a social […]

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CPA Growth Guides was founded in 2015 by Katie Tolin, an award-winning and nationally recognized accounting marketer with nearly 20 years of experience of professional service marketing with local, regional, super regional and national firms. Building upon her in-the-trenches experience, CPA Growth Guides helps firm leaders map out a Growth & Profitability Strategy (GPS), implement as needed and troubleshoot roadblocks, detours or delays encountered along the way.

CPA Growth Guides shows accounting firms how to achieve profitable growth. Whether you’re looking for a little guidance to point you in the right direction or for someone to walk the path with you, we focus on leading firms to growth and profitability.

Best Practices for Small Business Finance

Small business finance is a term used to describe the broad range of activities related to managing money of a business.  Business owners (sometimes hereinafter referred to as “Owners“) should have at least a basic understanding of these concepts, as they are vitally important to the success (or failure) of a small business.  After all, cash is the most valuable resource of a small […]

Link: How to Value a CPA Firm for Sale

Journal of Accountancy
November 1, 2013

Published on November 1, 2013, this article provides guidance on valuing CPA firms and ownership interests in CPA firms.  The article was published by the Journal of Accountancy as part of their series on succession planning in the public accounting industry.

The authors identify four (4) factors that ultimately determine the multiple of billings used in figuring sales price, as follow:

  1. Cash Upfront, if any
  2. Retention Period (Length)
  3. Profitability (for the buyer based on deal structure), &
  4. Duration of the Payout Period

If you want to succeed, you should strike out on new paths rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success

John D. Rockefeller

3 Indicators Pointing to a Rally in Natural Gas

Economic Conditions Appear Favorable...For Now

Don’t look now, but things are beginning to look up for the oil and gas industry.  The timing couldn’t be better, as Shreveport-Bossier (SB) is badly in need of a spark to stimulate the seemingly stagnant economy.  Unfortunately, it is not likely a coincidence that SB’s recent economic slump occurred during an almost identical period in which national oil and gas markets were pummeled.  To the contrary, Shreveport-Bossier’s […]