Link: Your Personal Brand Workbook


PWC created a useful tool to help you define your personal brand.  The topic of “personal branding” is rampant in our business environment, but I didn’t know how to truly define mine until utilizing this tool.  It’s a great resource.

Evaluating (& Adjusting) Marketing Plans

On June 1, 2015, I completed a full-scale marketing plan for my CPA practice, Wright Accounting & Consulting, L.L.C. While far from perfect, it represented a well thought-out plan for product, place, price, and promotion strategies to be used over the next twelve months. To my surprise however, the most significant result of this exercise […]

Using a Blog to Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Online Strategies for CPAs & Professional Service Providers

In May 2015, I completed the initial marketing plan for my CPA practice, Wright Accounting & Consulting, L.L.C. (WAC).  This marked my first attempt at combining industry knowledge with realistic expectations for the purpose of documenting a formal plan.  While the result was far from perfect, the process undoubtedly helped me to align strategic initiatives with […]

Michael Hyatt – Author, Blogger, Entrepreneur, & Virtual Mentor

Thanks to Kelsey Humphreys’ article on, Multimedia Maven Michael Hyatt Explains His Success Several Platforms, I recently began learning about Mr. Hyatt, his advancement in the corporate world, and ultimately, his seamless transition into the entrepreneurial realm. Michael Hyatt’s story is every bit motivational as it is educational, and he shares a treasure trove of knowledge […]

Q&A from a CPA in Private Practice

As a CPA in private practice, I am frequently asked about services offered, type of clientele served, cost of services, and more. To clarify these aspects of my practice, I have provided a detailed answer to three (3) questions routinely received. Question:  What is Wright Accounting & Consulting, L.L.C.? Answer:  Wright Accounting & Consulting, L.L.C. is […]

Checklist: Online Marketing Strategies & Techniques

  As a follow-up to last week’s post on Common Tax Topics for Self-Employed Individuals & Business Owners, I have included a checklist of marketing techniques that can be utilized as part of a sole proprietor’s online marketing campaign.  The marketing function is essential to the success of every business, and individuals striking out on […]

Social Media Marketing for Small Business

The explosion of social media has changed marketing plans for many companies, large and small.  Indeed, you may already be using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms to boost your business.  If you’re not up and running on social media, however, there is no need to panic.  Some basic steps can get you off to […]