Playing Defense as Stock Prices Soar

Investment Strategies for Aging Bull Markets

As of this writing, major U.S. stock market indexes are at or near record highs.  This bullish run might continue…or it may come to an end with a significant correction.  Below are several strategies to consider. Stay the course Many investors prefer to keep their current stock market positions.  For nearly a century, every stock […]

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CPA Growth Guides website

CPA Growth Guides was founded in 2015 by Katie Tolin, an award-winning and nationally recognized accounting marketer with nearly 20 years of experience of professional service marketing with local, regional, super regional and national firms. Building upon her in-the-trenches experience, CPA Growth Guides helps firm leaders map out a Growth & Profitability Strategy (GPS), implement as needed and troubleshoot roadblocks, detours or delays encountered along the way.

CPA Growth Guides shows accounting firms how to achieve profitable growth. Whether you’re looking for a little guidance to point you in the right direction or for someone to walk the path with you, we focus on leading firms to growth and profitability.

Best Practices for Small Business Finance

Small business finance is a term used to describe the broad range of activities related to managing money of a business.  Business owners (sometimes hereinafter referred to as “Owners“) should have at least a basic understanding of these concepts, as they are vitally important to the success (or failure) of a small business.  After all, cash is the most valuable resource of a small […]

My latest column for the “Financial Tip of the Month” was published in January 2017.  You can check out the online copy at this link.

Date: February 1, 2017
Appearance: Tax Season Update
Outlet: BIZ.Magazine
Location: Shreveport, LA
Format: Magazine

Tax Refund Delayed? Here’s Why….

Also Be Aware of Due Date Changes for Business Tax Returns

The 2017 tax season is officially here, and it is accompanied by changes that will affect the majority of taxpayers in some form or fashion.  An overview of changes, due dates and helpful tips to start you off on the right foot is provided below. Individual Income Tax Returns (Form 1040) Date Season Opens:  January 23, 2017 Due […]

2016 Tax Organizer

Get Organized to Avoid Stress

Are you ready for tax time?  If not, there are steps you can take now to alleviate some of the stress related to filing your return.  Plan to get organized early by creating a tax folder for all your tax documents such as W-2s, 1099s, bank statements, and receipts for things like medical bills and charitable donations.  […]

2016 Tax Planning – The Time is Now!

Take action now to save in April...

It won’t be long before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays race by, giving way to a new year.  And shortly after the calendar turns to 2017, tax time will be upon us once again.  I always recommend considering your tax position this time of year, because it’s not too late for some last minute tax planning. Depending on your unique situation, options are available to minimize your year-end tax […]

Financial Considerations After Your Child is Born

Don't Neglect Practical Aspects of This Lifetime Event!

The arrival of a newborn represents a monumental milestone for all parties.  Bringing a child into this world is a game-changing event that can permanently alter your outlook on life.  The excitement, however, may also be accompanied by stress and exhaustion, as it is difficult (if not impossible) to fully prepare for the new roles and responsibilities brought on by parenthood.  What’s more, sleep may be hard […]

Advanced Tax Strategies for LLCs & Partnerships

CPE Self-Study Course by the AICPA

I recently completed the AICPA’s self-study course titled “Advanced Tax Strategies for LLCs & Partnerships”.  Below is an overview of select topics from the course. What works best for your client? Learn the pros and cons of the LLC, General Partnership, Limited Partnership, and Limited Liability Partnership by focusing on planning and potential tax traps. […]