My Philosophy

The foundation of my practice is rooted in establishing a relationship with each client built on trust, focusing on adding value over the long term, and serving the client, as well as, providing a quality work product.

  • Establish a Relationship Built on Trust.  In providing accounting, consulting, and tax planning services, I utilize confidential financial information of my clients.  Oftentimes, these services require reporting confidential client information to regulatory bodies, governmental agencies, lending institutions, and others.  Lastly, many of these services require analyzing complex rules and regulations, implementing complicated strategies, and utilizing prior experience and judgment to make decisions.  For these reasons, I appreciate and respect client(s) expression of hesitancy or reluctance in sharing this information.  It is also because of these reasons, however, that I place significant emphasis on working diligently to develop relationships to the point this initial resistance can be overcome and trust is earned.  My experience has shown that crossing this threshold allows clients to communicate more effectively, engage more openly, and realize greater peace-of-mind from the services rendered.
  • Focus on Adding Value Over the Long Term.  In line with establishing quality relationships, I believe maintaining a long-term outlook is in my client’s best interest.  Due to the complex nature of the tax code, thoughtful planning is often required to minimize tax burdens.  This process, along with implementing and executing such strategies, can be time consuming, and the benefits from it are oftentimes realized in future years.  I strive to build trust with clients early in the relationship to improve the likelihood of effectively executing value-added strategies over the long-term.
  • Serve the Client and Provide Quality Work Product.  As a professional service provider, I must provide clients with a quality work product (i.e., tax return, financial statement, advice, etc.).  However, I believe delivering a quality work product is only half of my responsibility.  In order for me to be successful, clients must receive a delightful experience from working with me (i.e., quality service).  I acknowledge a difference between providing clients with quality work versus quality service.  Listening to your concerns, responding efficiently to your inquiries, and making myself available are imperative aspects of my quality service initiative.