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The tutorials listed below are available directly from Intuit’s website at http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com. These documents are portable data files (.pdf), and they require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. Click any document to view, or follow this link to view the archives of my “How-To Setup QuickBooks” posts.

Subsidiary Module: Tutorial Title:
   All Subsidiary Modules    Quickbooks Blog
   Banking    Deposit Customer Payments (Procedure)
   Banking    Receive Payments that are not Customer-Related
   Banking    Write a Check (To Print)
   Banking    Enter Credit Card Charges
   Banking    About Reconciling Your Accounts
   Accounts Receivable    Customer Center Overview
   Accounts Receivable    Add a Customer
   Accounts Receivable    Edit or Change Customer Information
   Accounts Receivable    Find & Edit Customer & Job Transactions
   Accounts Receivable    Create an Invoice
   Accounts Receivable    Receive Payments from Customers
   Accounts Receivable    Create Statements
   Accounts Payable    Vendor Center Overview
   Accounts Payable    Add Vendors
   Accounts Payable    Edit a Vendor
   Accounts Payable    Print Vendor Information
   Accounts Payable    Enter a Bill for Expenses
   Accounts Payable    Pay a Bill with Cash, Debit Card, ATM Card, or EFT
   Accounts Payable    Work with 1099s
   Accounts Payable    Turn the 1099 Feature On & Off
   Payroll    Payroll Center Overview
   Payroll    Pay Your Employees by Group
   Payroll    Pay Employees by Class
   Payroll    Pay Employees by Department or Location
   Payroll    Pay Employees Using a Payroll Schedule
   Payroll    Turn on Class Tracking
   Payroll    Add Classes
   Payroll    Set Up a New Payroll Schedule
   Payroll    Assign Payroll Schedule to Employee
   Payroll    Pay Payroll Taxes & Liabilities
   Payroll    Prepare Tax Forms
   Payroll    Prepare & File W-2s
   General Ledger    When Should You Use Make General Journal Entries
   General Ledger    General Journal Entry
   Sales Tax    About Sales Tax
   Sales Tax    Set Up a Sales Tax Group Item
   Sales Tax    How Sales Tax is Charged & Applied
   Sales Tax    Pay Sales Tax
   Sales Tax    Sales Tax Liability Report
   Reporting    Find the Report You Need
   Reporting    Commonly-Used Quickbooks Reports
   Reporting    Profit & Loss Standard Report
   Reporting    Change Between Accrual & Cash Basis of Reporting
   Reporting    Memorize a Report for Reuse
   Reporting    Sales by Customer Summary Report
   Reporting    Accounts Payable Aging Summary Report
   Reporting    Vendor Balance Summary Report