Where’s My Refund?

Online Tracking of Federal & Louisiana Tax Refunds

The amount of time to receive income tax refunds from the IRS varies depending on the manner in which you filed.  Paper filing federal returns generally results in receiving refunds six to eight weeks after the date of mailing.  Electronic filing these returns can increase refund delivery time by four to five weeks.  Thus, e-filing generally results in receiving refunds within two to three weeks from the date of successful transmission.  If efficiency in receiving refunds is a priority for you, consider requesting the Revenue Service direct deposit the proceeds into your bank account.  Of course, this service requires you provide sensitive banking information to the IRS on your annual tax return.

The links below provide access to status updates from the Internal Revenue Service and Louisiana Department of Revenue.  Please be advised you must have the following information accessible in order to retrieve income tax refund status updates:

  • Social Security Number,
  • Filing status (i.e., single, married filing jointly, married filing separately, etc.) elected on the tax return for which you are requesting the update,
  • Amount of refund as reflected on the tax return, and
  • Tax year for which the status is requested (Louisiana only).

Check status of Federal Return by clicking here 

Check status of Louisiana Return by clicking here