Tax Problems – Request Tax Files

Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary to request a tax file from the Internal Revenue Service.  I assist clients in making this determination, as well as, preparing documentation required to obtain these tax files.  Highlighted below are files you can request, along with a brief description of the circumstances in which it may be helpful to request them:

  • Transcript Request.  In situations where you are uncertain of the income and deductions reported under your social security number for a given year, it can be beneficial to request a transcript from the IRS.  Transcripts reflect the information reported under your social security number by third parties, and they can be helpful for filing complete returns.
  • Request for Copy of Previously Filed Return.  Tax returns are requested documentation in a number of circumstances (i.e., business loan applications, mortgage refinancing, etc.).  If you cannot produce this documentation for interested parties, it may be necessary to request a copy of previously filed returns direct from the IRS.