LLC or S-Corporation?

Many business owners structure their companies as limited liability companies (LLCs) or S-corporations.  On the surface there are several similarities.  Both types of entities avoid corporate income tax.  Instead, business income is passed out and taxed only once on the tax returns of LLC members or S-corporation shareholders.  Moreover, both LLC members and S-corporation shareholders […]

Link – Guidance for LLCs Electing S-Corporation Status

Here is a link to a great article covering the complicated topic of limited liability companies electing S-Corporation status. In addition, I am providing links to several other articles and blog posts on the subject of “S-Corporation SE Avoidance” as follows: Forbes, S-Corporation SE Avoidance Still A Solid Strategy, 8/25/2013 TurboTax, How an S-Corp. Can […]

How to Create a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Instructional Guide on Starting LLCs in Louisiana

An important step in starting a new business is selecting a legal structure that effectively meets the needs of its owners. Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are a popular choice in today’s business environment, as these legal entities can protect the personal assets of its owners from the business debts of the LLC while allowing significant […]