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As a CPA in private practice, I am frequently asked about services offered, type of clientele served, cost of services, and more. To clarify these aspects of my practice, I have provided a detailed answer to three (3) questions routinely received.

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QuestionWhat is Wright Accounting & Consulting, L.L.C.?

Answer:  Wright Accounting & Consulting, L.L.C. is a CPA practice that I founded in June 2014 after eight (8) years on the staff of two accounting firms.  The primary objective for my practice is to meet the underserved needs (as it relates to receiving quality accounting/tax services) of individuals and business owners with ties to the Shreveport/Bossier area.  Moreover, I am striving to connect with Generation X and Millennials (members of my peer group) for the purpose of forging relationships that foster economic and social growth within the local community.

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Question:  What do we offer? (What services do we provide?)

Answer:  At the most fundamental level, our stock-in-trade is intellectual capital.  By intellectual capital, I am referring to the knowledge and expertise acquired from study, training, experience, and practice.

The value of our “inventory” comes in the form of mental tranquility and comfort.  This “peace of mind” is the result of knowing your financial affairs are being attended to by competent professionals that have your best interests at heart.

From a technical perspective, we offer the following industry-specific services:

  • Tax Return Preparation (individual, business, estate, and trusts),
  • Tax Planning (individual, business, estate, and trusts),
  • Accounting Assistance (bookkeeping, payroll, and financial statement compilations), and;
  • Consulting Guidance (business formation, employee training, and Quickbooks support)

(Click here for a description of our full range of service offerings)

WAC Clientele

QuestionWho do we serve?

Answer:  We serve customers who value our work, as well as, our potential to become a trustworthy member of their network.  In our experience, these customers naturally “fit” our culture, and the long-term potential of this pairing is appealing to us.

Over the last decade, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with professionals and business owners in a number of industries, including:

Ø  Law Ø  Financial Services
Ø  Banking/Financial Institutions Ø  Insurance
Ø  Health Care Ø  Real Estate
Ø  Retail Ø  Business Administration
Ø  Oil & Gas Ø  Self-Employment/Small Business
Ø  Construction Ø  Manufacturing

More specifically, we provide accounting, consulting, and tax planning services to individuals and business owners with ties to the Shreveport/Bossier community.

WAC Service Price

QuestionHow much do we charge?

Answer:  The cost of our service is always an important topic, and we believe in providing clients with a reasonable estimate of our cost prior to the commencement of work.  For new clients seeking tax preparation assistance, a quick review of prior year returns and current year information is the initial requirement for us to quote a fee range estimate.

For additional detail on our pricing philosophy, methodologies, and pricing plans, check out this link.


We provide accounting, consulting, and tax planning services to a variety of clientele residing throughout the U.S., but our focus is serving individuals and business owners of the Millennial Generation and Generation X.

With the deadline for filing federal and state tax returns quickly approaching, now is an ideal time to let us assist you.  Contact us today for a fee consultation, and we can begin to lay the foundation for establishing a mutually-beneficial relationship immediately.

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