Tax Update: February 15, 2016

Tax Update

With the filing season for 2015 tax returns well under way, you should be receiving the various documents needed to prepare your annual returns. I have provided a list of forms commonly used to report the income and deductions on your individual income tax returns.  The due date for receiving these documents, and the date they are required to be filed with the government, is provided for each form.

Form No. Form Name Taxpayer Gov’t
W-2 Wage & Tax Statement 2/1/2016 2/29/2016
1099-MISC Miscellaneous Income 2/1/2016 2/29/2016
1099-DIV Dividends & Distributions 2/15/2016 2/29/2016
1099-INT Interest Income 2/15/2016 2/29/2016
1099-B Proceeds from Broker & Barter Exchanges 2/15/2016 2/29/2016
1099-R Distributions from Retirement Accounts 2/1/2016 2/29/2016
5498 IRA Contribution Information 5/31/2016 5/31/2016
1098 Mortgage Interest Statement 2/1/2016 2/29/2016

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