QuickBooks Guide: Setting Up Employees

Qbooks New Employee

To process paychecks and prepare tax documents for your employees, you need to neter specific information about each of your employees in Quickbooks.

Important Note:  If you are a Quickbooks Payroll subscriber, you will be prompted to add all of your employee information during payroll setup.  Use the following procedure to edit employee information or to add additional employees at a later date.

Refer to the Payroll Setup Checklist at Quickbooks Guide: Setting Up Payroll for a list of employee information to gather.

To set up an employee’s personal information:

  1. Click the Employee Center icon at the top of the Quickbooks window.
  2. Click New Employee.
  3. On the Personal tab, fill in the form.
  4. Click the Address and Contact tab, fill in the form, and click OK.
  5. When prompted to set up the employee’s payroll information, click Leave As Is.


To set up an employee’s payroll information:

  1. Click the Employee Center icon at the top of the Quickbooks window.
  2. Click the Employees tab and then double-click the employee’s name.
  3. From the Change tabs drop-down list, click Payroll and Compensation Info.
  4. Fill in the Payroll Info form.
  5. Click the Taxes button.
  6. Click the Federal tab and fill in the form, based on the employee’s W-4 information.
  7. Click the State tab and fill in the form.
  8. Click OK.

Once you’ve set up your employees, refer to Quickbooks Guide: Paying Employees to learn about paying them.


Did You Know?

Is the company owner an employee?  In general, people in business for themselves are not employees of the company.  However, if your company is incorporated, owners of the business can be treated as employees.  Check with your accountant or payroll professional to determine if the owner should be considered an employee, and then set him/her up accordingly in QuickBooks.

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