Notice of e-Pay Availability

Effective immediately, I am accepting credit/debit cards and online payments using the following tools and applications:

  • Square Magstripe Reader(credit/debit cards) &
  • Venmo (online payments)

Credit/Debit Cards

I am using the Square Magstripe Reader to accept the following credit/debit card payments:

  • American Express,
  • Discover,
  • Mastercard, and
  • Visa

There are two options for processing credit/debit cards using the Square Magstripe Reader, as follows:

  1. Swiping the card through the reader and
  2. Manual entry of the account number

Upon processing a credit/debit card payment, I can transmit the receipt via the following mediums:

  • In a text message or
  • Via e-mail

Online Payments

In addition to credit/debit cards, I am accepting online payments using Venmo (an online payment system owned by Paypal).  Members of this mobile payment service can submit payment(s) to my account, which is provided below:

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