At the Crossroads: The Remarkable CPA Firm that Nearly Crashed, then Soared (Hoboken, New Jersey: Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2008)

Joe Abriola has a problem—a big problem. Managing partner of a prosperous Minneapolis CPA firm, Joe has just learned that his partners are on the vergeof mutiny. Why are they so upset? It’s him!—or, rather, it’s the way he’s let their practice slide intocomplacency. Why are other CPA firms growing so fast when theirs isn’t?

The partners want answers—fast. If not, Joe may find himself out in the cold . . . and it gets awfully cold in Minneapolis in the winter. What will he do?

What Joe does forms the backbone of this delightful new growth parable from Gale Crosley and Debbie Stover. In years of teaching CPA firms how to grow, Crosley—who heads Crosley+Company, an Atlanta-based CPA consulting firm—has developed a dynamic approach called the Practice Growth Model.

In At the Crossroads, that model gets put into place, and in the process, we learn what it takes to transform a sleepy, uninspired CPA firm into a powerhouse. Will all the partners survive? Will Joe survive? What about know-it-all Frank, too-lofty-to-care Charles, orcounting-the-days-till-he-retires Harold?

And what about the staff? The business developer who dresses like a dream but doesn’t have a clue about bringing in business . . . the marketing director the partners won’t take seriously—even the mailroom guy gets in a few licks!

Does this firm, with its head in the sand, blithely ignoring the complexities of a changing marketplace, look anything like yours? Would you like it to? Especially when the makeover is complete, and they’re chalking up phenomenal growth, with a win rate on highly qualified opportunities of seventy percent?

If your firm is underachieving or growing inefficiently, and you’d like to know how to change all that, At the Crossroads may hold the key to a bright new future.