Consulting Services

Transaction Analysis.  I provide guidance to business owners and their staff on accounting and tax consequences arising from recurring and non-recurring transactions.

QuickBooks Support.  Reliable financial information is essential for operating a business, and modern technology has resulted in the use of software to maintain and store this data.  QuickBooks is a user-friendly product that can be utilized on most operating systems, and it can assist in maintaining your company’s financial information.  I am an experienced user of QuickBooks, and I provide consultation and support to business owners and service providers using this application.

Business Formation.  Starting a business can be the beginning of a lifelong adventure, but forming a company can be an intimidating process.  It is important to give proper thought and consideration to the legal form and initial structure of the entity you will operate.  I offer insight into a number of aspects applicable to starting a new business, and I provide guidance on selecting a form that meets your needs.

Employee Training.  The people working for your business are valuable resources, and they have the potential to make or break its future.  I assist business owners with training accounting staff to meet the needs of their organization.