Passive Activity Losses from Rental Property

In these times of high stock prices and low bond yields, investors may be looking to rental real estate as alternative investments.  This asset class can pay off, in the right situation.  Before making a final decision, however, you should be aware of the tax implications, especially within the realm of passive activity loss rules. Despite […]

Rental Real Estate Taxation

Residential real estate (i.e., single-family and multi-family residences) is commonly owned as investment property for the purpose of collecting cash in the form of tenant lease payments.  Investors should be aware of the following income tax issues unique to this asset class. Depreciation.  Real estate held for investment purposes is subject to annual depreciation deductions.  This non-cash expense can […]

Rental Real Estate: Property Management

During the last three (3) years, my wife and I invested in several residential properties with the intent of holding them as rental real estate investments. In lieu of hiring a professional to manager our investments, we decided to manage the properties ourselves. Our objectives in performing this service included: A better understanding of residential […]