Consider Roth Conversions Carefully

My recent post, Rethinking Retirement Contributions, explains why the new Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) devalues retirement contributions into traditional tax-deferred plans and favors Roth accounts.  Does the same reasoning apply to conversions from Roth to traditional plans?  For a tax standpoint, the answer may be yes, but other factors indicate you should […]

2016 Tax Planning – The Time is Now!

Take action now to save in April...

It won’t be long before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays race by, giving way to a new year.  And shortly after the calendar turns to 2017, tax time will be upon us once again.  I always recommend considering your tax position this time of year, because it’s not too late for some last minute tax planning. Depending on your unique situation, options are available to minimize your year-end tax […]